Glamping Israel by the Kineret

Pop-up Hotels

Here today. Gone tomorrow. Built especially for you and then vanishes leaving no trace except a memory. Pure magic!

Glamping Pop-Up is that rare and unique experience – an unforgettable combination of stardust and white linens.

Glamping Israel was first to bring Glamping (Glamour + Camping) to Israel and has been leading the Glamping scene in Israel since 2009. We have produced hundreds of glamping holidays and events in various areas of Israel.

Over the years, we have invested a lot of thought and fieldwork into creating the winning combination of luxury, style, unique handmade touches with the latest in luxury camping facilities allowing our guests to enjoy nature with all the luxuries that not so long ago could only be a dream. Come dream with us!

This combination offers a refreshing renewal to the world of tourism in Israel, and is suitable for those who are looking for experiences and thrills that cannot be experienced in a “regular” hotel.

Pop-up hotels are suitable for celebrations and vacations with loved-ones, business adventures, or any private event you can think of.

Our clients keep telling us: “It was unforgettable”.
We thought ,you might also want to know that it looks amazing in photos 😉

The glamping pop-up hotel concept is built as a temporary accommodation and tailored to your specific requirements. Whether an indulgent night camp or an adventure of two or more days this will be an event you and your guests will cherish for years to come. Then, when the event is over, the pop-up hotel vanishes without a trace. Just like that. Poof. It’s a kind of magic. Only your memories and photos will be proof it ever existed.

Driven by a passion for design, style and logistics, we carefully select our equipment, develop and produce advanced logistics solutions that provide maximum comfort in virgin and remote desert and Galilee regions creating a one-of-a-kind facility for your unique experience.

Glamping Israel is the only company in Israel that can provide a turn-key event for pop-up hotels in remote areas that includes:

Upscale sleeping tents
Large dining and common area tent / shade
Chef meals and bar
Off-grid lighting and electricity
Furniture and design elements
Hot water showers and flush toilets, a unique amenity in Israel
Hot tub and other special facilities for your enjoyment in the camp or surrounding area

Our glamping pop-up hotels can be set up in hidden remote areas, nature reserves, or private farms.
For each camp you can choose to arrive by private car, bus, overland safari truck, jeep, razor, helicopter, bike riding or walking.

We offer a variety of accommodation standards:

Pop-Up Adventure: A camp of high-quality dome tents; suitable for adventure trips.
Canvas Pop-Up: Luxurious canvas tents camp; suitable for particularly upscale accommodation.
Pop-Up Safari: Furnished premium canvas tents; for our most exclusive full-scale experience.

we created many unforgettable experience

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