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After years of experience setting up glamping field complexes and producing recreational and remote region events

We set off with adventurous groups on wilderness hikes. These are multi-day hikes, where each evening your group will arrive at our camp at a different location with different views. Oh, wow!

IDF (Zahal) Style Hike to Masada
A 70-km IDF (Zahal) style hike starting at Mount Amasa and culminating after 4 days with an emotional end at the summit of Masada – a group of Canadian donors and the “Brothers for Life” non-profit organization for injured Israeli soldiers.
3 wandering night camps and a particularly emotional ceremony event at Masada.

Words cannot describe the magnitude of this experience.

Bar Mitzvah “From Sea to Sea”
3 days on one of the most beautiful trails in the country, in a slightly different and adventurous version;
Razors, mountain biking, walking through the flowing and spectacular Kziv river, a night camp with a panoramic view of the western Galilee, picnics along the way, a night camp overlooking Mount Meron, Amud River and a picnic at the Sea of ​​Galilee.
Fully accompanied by our dedicated catering and a luxurious safari truck, which provided all the shuttle services, from the moment of departure to the finish and back – you can’t get much more adventurous than that.
In this case, too, the experiences and feedback speak for themselves.


Read what they tell

“8 months ago, we came up with a crazy Bar Mitzvah idea for our son.  We wanted to bring 34 people, ages 7 through 50, hiking and glamping, for 3 days (and 2 nights) along the Yam L’Yam trail . . . in August.  Many people told us it couldn’t be done.  From the first conversation we had with Itay – we knew we were in good hands.  Whatever issues arose throughout our planning, we worked with Itay to find a solution.  The bar was high – and the execution exceeded all of our expectations.  Itay and his entire team made sure every detail was perfect – from the Safari Truck (outfitted with wifi, snacks and cold water), the mobile toilets/showers (yes, there was even a flower in each of the bathrooms), the clean linens in the tents, the amazing guides and the amazing meals (even accommodating people with some food allergies).   Itay and the team were focused on making sure everyone in our group was safe, comfortable and having a good time and did so with the best attitude and smiles.  Truly – Camping B’Style.  We cant wait to plan our next trip with you!”

The Ottensosers famliy NY

Thank you.

Desert Rally

200km of self-driving dust road for a French real estate company
Setting off from Mitzpe Ramon through the Nekarot River for a night in a Bedouin style desert lodging in the Arava, and the next night by the Dead Sea in a luxurious glamping style pop-up campsite. Driving over fascinating desert terrain accompanied by a professional technical team, picnic stops and coffee throughout the route. The nights were spent around the campfire recalling the day’s adventures with a smile that just won’t come off.
We are currently working on a pilgrimage hike up to Jerusalem for Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations, ending with an emotional ceremony at the Western Wall (Kotel). 2 nights of glamping in the Jerusalem Mountains promises to be a fascinating and unique experience. We are very excited about this project.

we created many unforgettable experience

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